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Renovate Your Juice Corner through four quicker Steps


Do you run a juice corner? Then this blog would be a great help for you to renovate your café through easier levels. Well, yesterday I was out for shopping with my friend, and we thought to have the juice to beat the heat. We just stopped by a juice corner. Apart from mint margarita and Pina colada, the best thing that has potential to grab the customer attention is the ambience of that place. The soothing atmosphere has all the elements to rejuvenate you this summer and designed to attract the customers.

In this blog, I am going to let you know few things that can boost your corner’s sales, and it would be a priority for all the customers. It has been observed that after cuisines, the ambience of a restaurant is the second most influential thing that leaves a significant impact on clients. So this same approach can be implemented on juice corners as well. Let’s have a look on how to renovate your juice corner making it aesthetically appealing.


Elegant furniture would make your area appealing. You can search latest interior design magazines for brilliant ideas of furniture. Make sure furniture should be sleek and convenient because most of the time we look for design only, but client convenience is important. So find out something that lies in both criteria.


If your floor has tiling surface, then this is essential to keep it clean as much as you can. If you are following any particular theme like the juice area that I visited yesterday giving us a reflection of grass. It would be a great option to have artificial grass flooring. You don’t need to maintain that on a regular basis. Use this grass to carpet the floor. I have seen such type of themes in many restaurants where the inner area of the hotels and cafes are using grass theme for carpets. Try out it would be a different experience for you.

Attractive tableware

You need to have beautiful crockery first. Make sure glasses that you are presenting for juice should be eye-catching because if you focus on presentation, then you will be succeeded to tempt your valuable clients. So they will visit you again and again. You need to focus on a presentation by having gorgeous cutlery.


I didn’t see unique decorative ornaments there. The Just wall was having one or two wall sceneries because I think over unnecessary things would make the environment cluttered. Menu deals were hanged with the roof. It was unique, and if you just do this for decoration purpose, then it would be unique for your juice area. Try out this it would work for you.

These are the easiest ways to decorate your juice corner. You don’t need to go for experts if you just applied these to your corner then you would be able to see prominent rise in your sales. If environment will be admirable for clients, they would visit you frequently for their meetings and hangouts.

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