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About My Designs
It's taken me many years to come up with my product line. I knew that in everyone's life there are significant events that are celebrated with Greeting Cards or Love Agreements. This inspired me to create "Art for Life Cycle Events" my product line. I wanted each Greeting Card or Love Agreement to truly be an art form that reflects those special moments in the life of the giver or receiver. I began to travel the world seeking interesting and unusual subject matter. I wanted to inspire and create serene feelings. I incorporated distinct elements such as, Italian silk paper, a circle card, and hand-painted watercolors. I use special painting techniques like dagger edge brushes and sponges to create my designs. My work has been received and sold all over the world and now I would like you to be able to share in giving these forms of art to the people that are extraordinary in your life. Please, take a quiet moment to view my line… together we can share your special life events with my life's work.

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